We help you reach fundraising targets on capital markets
Investor Relations
How it works
Targets of fundraising and select capital markets
Due diligence — analysis of financial data-room
Sign IR consulting agreement
Develop IR strategy, select geography and target investors
Build investor relations for the long term
We provide
Investments without borders — an opportunity to expand globally
US, Canada, UK, Europe and UAE
Outreach via mailing lists
Direct sales
Investment conferences coverage
Help with introductions
Deals done
Developer of an automate online food orders for restaurants
AutoTech late-stage private company
Publicly traded Property Tech company
Property Tech
Institutional crypto liquidity marketplace
Fundraising steps
We screen your market fundraising potential with our investors base
We offer strategic advisory on important fundraising steps and investor relations
A systematic approach to introducing your company to investors and facilitating of IR process
Sign an IR consulting agreement and start fundraising campaign
Closing the deals. Finalizing investment decisions and helping negotiate the final deal
We help you prepare and adjust data-room and investment presentation
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